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Luckinbath bathroom furniture

Brand Story

Luckinbath is a manufacturer brand from Orient Asia which focus on the natural bathroom. We feel deeply that returning to nature is the nature of humankind. So in Luckinbath,  we mix up all the natural elements like stone, wood, metal to create a natural, artisan and free DIY bathroom style. Even bathing in your own privite room, you can enjoy the feeling of inmersing in a natural five-elemental world.
In Luckinbath, we only select the first-class raw material, cause we know clearly that any tolerance about the raw material will effect the end products.
Furthermore, most of our products were made by hand, in addition, we only accept the artisan workers who with up to 5-8 year experience for the most important process.  Each single piece of products will go through around 5 experienced workers for several days.  Just imagine, before you expect a perfect natural stone wash basin, it needs to go through at least 18 process from the quarry mountain to your bathroom.
"Soft Fire Makes Sweet Malt" is the artisan spirit we stick to, we'd rather compromise on the time & labor, we never compromise on the quality and your expectation!

Our Material

Luckinbath bathroom washbasin

Natural Blue Stone
Bluestone is a historic sedimentary rock. Due to its natural texture, low-key & calm color, non-toxic characteristics, it's the best choice for bathroom wash basins. With Bluestone's natural vein, each basin has unique looking. It will match different bathroom design, especially for Loft style.

Luckinbath bathroom furniture

 Wood Look MFC
MFC is consisting of very fine wood chip basis faced with melamine which ishygienic and scratch-resistant. It’s an ideal material for bathroom cabinets. Plus our wise chosen of “Real Wood” finish which with authentic wood touch feeling, it’ll give you a natural bathroom style at affordable price.


Luckinbath bathroom furniture

Stainless Steel 304
Rustless, hygienic stainless steel 304 in satin finish, matching with the dark grey color natural stone, it's the perfect speaker for an industrial postmodern style.