How to maintain natural blue limestone?

The natural stone has an open structure, regular maintenance will increasing its using time.

Start-up and maintenance

For daily usage, clean water with soft cloth and mild soap is enough, while to make optimal use of our natural stone products it is suggested to impregnate this product before use. See the advice below.

When using natural stone, you must never use substances contances containing lemon or other acids.

These lemon, fruit acids and other agents that will cause a chemical reaction with it in limestone, it will irreparably damage it.

Do not expose the washbasin / shower tray to extreme water temperature changes, hot water is not warmer than 40 degress celsius.

For treatment you can clean the stone with clean warm water. Then let it dry well before you start treatment, it is recommended 1 to 2 days.

In the case of extreme pollution there are various possibilities for cleaning the product. Depending on the Pollution, various cleaning agents can be used.

You can treat the stone product in various ways.

Impregnating with color deepening (Akemi color intensifier)

To give the stone a dark and intense color and also less stain sensitivity, we recommend that the degree of color depth depends on the type of stone and impregnated product. Read the instructions for use on the packaging before use.

Impregnating with color deepening (Akemi Anti-Spot nano effect)

The stone retains its original appearance and does not undergo a slight color change. In addition, this product gives a pronounced afparel effect (nano effect). Read the instructions for use on the packaging before use.

Periodic Maintenance (Akemi Triple effect)

For the periodic cleaning we work with a product that not only cleans but also maintains in one process. In addition to cleaning, the effectiveness of the impregnation is supported and supplemented in an excellent manner. Read the instructions for use on the packaging before use.

Note: we don’t offer the Akemi products directly, you can always buy these products on their website: