For “To The End User Orders”:

Unless otherwise stated on the product page, all the Orders are shipped for free in the Benelux (excluding the island) destination. The shipping cost to other European countries, please inquiry us by emailing before ordering.

Orders will be delivered within a week from the purchase date at your appointed time. You can also choose to collect your ordered products free of charge from our warehouse, the address is: De Werf 11, 2544 EH The Hague, The Netherlands. Before pick up, we’ll send you a “Authorized Pick-Up Order”. Please submit the “Authorized Pick-Up Order” to our warehouse, then you’ll get your ordered products. The warehouse open time is 9:00-12:00 am & 14:00-18:00 pm from Monday to Friday.

For “To Dealer and Trader Orders”:

Luckinbath offer all the products in the E.X.W terms to Dealers and Traders.

Our central distributing ware house locates in De Werf 11 | 2544 EH The Hague, The Netherlands.

While Luckinbath can still offer delivery service within Europe if Dealer requests. The delivery company and the according quotes refer to Luckinbath’s Official Price List which may update from time to time. Please contact Luckinbath’s sales representative or by email for the official price list. Delivery cost should be paid to Luckinbath prior to any shipping.

Most of Luckinbath Products will be in stock in the Hague warehouse. For the stocked Products, Luckinbath will ship and deliver within a week in the Benelux range. For the non-stocked Products, Luckinbath will indicate the possible delivery date when ordering.

Dealers and Traders may also pick-up the products free of charge from Luckinbath warehouse located in De Werf 11 | 2544 EH The Hague, The Netherlands. Before any pick-up, Dealers and Traders should get the “Authorized Pick-Up Order” from Luckinbath.